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There are plenty of places to go hiking around our raftingbase, from 30 minutes to a full-day hike. We are more than happy to direct you in the right direction, but here are our two favorite near-by areas: Dempa turområde, and Stavassdalen. More information about hiking in Grane can be found here: Turkart Helgeland

Storholten/Dempa turområde

Option 1: If you are after a short hike, then we recommend taking the stroll up to Storholten, on the other side of the river from our rafting base, and the starting point for our rappelling activity. There is a well marked trail, and albeit steep, it is a short hik which will reward you with a nice view of the river and the surrounding town of Trofors. There is a wooden table at the top where you can enjoy your lunch. For normally fit people, allow about 20 minutes up from the parking, and a bit longer if you have kids with you. From here you can keep walking the marked trails into the Dempa turområde as seen on the map.



This a popular area for hiking for the locals, and one of the gateways into the Lomsdalen national park. From Trofors, drive south on the gravel road which starts juste in front of the grocery store Coop Prix. Continue to the marked road “Stavassvegen”. You will soon get to parking for two short hikes, either into Gåstjønna, or to Lnagvatnet. The latter has a nice lavvo in case of bad weather, and both lakes have recreational spots with an outside fire pit. Both are great for families with small kids. If you continue up toward Stavassgården, you will pass an amazing look-out point called “Bjørns Plass”, a modern wood structure with a fire pit, long-drop toilet and an amazing view into Børgefjell and the vicinity. Just a little passed “Bjørns plass” there is another view point with tables and a fire pit, overlooking the beautifull Stavassdalen.

Continue to the end of the road, and hike into the old restored farm “Stavassgården”, where you can also spend a night if you want. For more information about sleeping go to this information page: Stavassgården



With a RiverNorth guide:

If you want us to set up a hiking trip for you, just get in touch and we will find the best trek for you! We have gotten extensive knowledge of Helgeland from over the past years, and we can organize anything from a simple guided trek of a few hours, to full-day adventures and multiday journeys.


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Upon request