Half day rafting

We also call this trip THE CLASSIC! Whether you have been rafting before or it is your first time, this river experience will put loads of smiles on your face! We will raft through some breathtaking scenery you can only experience from a raft, and fun rapids are changed up with flat sections just long enough to relax and talk on, or go for a fun swim in the river current.


The Austervefsna river provides for everyone!

Are you scared? We will make sure you will feel comfortable the whole time, but we also won’t be shy to push you a little out of your comfort zone if it feels right for you. Or perhaps you seek the thrill? Then don’t you worry, we have been adrenaline addicts for decades and know how to get a fix!

To top off your rafting experience, we also get the chance to jump off a cliff into the river… Now you’re definitely wet, and happy!


Such an experience will feel so much better once you can share the photos with your friends and family, or even on your social media accounts. Right?

You can add “photos” on the booking page for NOK 100 extra per person. We then bring along an extra “photo kayaker” to capture the best moments of your life 😉

Difficulty & Safety

You will get a safety briefing and a paddle technique briefing before starting the trip. Your guides are absolute professionals with adequate river experience, and very high safety standards. The river is considered medium difficult (class III-IV).

Trip details

June - September. Find available dates on the booking link
About 3 hours
14 years and up
1290 per person
You can add "photos" on the booking page for NOK 100 extra per person.


  • All equipment inclusive wetsuits etc.
  • shuttle from the base to the river and back
  • coffee and tea after the trip
  • wet hair ;-)

You have to bring

  • Bikini/bathing apparel.
  • Thermal underlayers if cold weather.
  • Towel for changing – Note that there are no showers available at the base.
  • Do NOT wear anything cotton under the wetsuit – it gets very cold when wet. Wear woollen socks in the neoprene shoes.