It’s time to close the office and go rafting! Rafting is the perfect activity to unite your group and most importantly, have a lot of fun! When you all sit together in one boat, you need to work as a team in order to navigate over breaking waves and around solid rocks. For once your raft guide is the boss and you can join your workers or co-workers at eye level.

You can choose any activity you want for your event, or you make two days out of it and do multiple activities!  We can offer a place to have presentations and team work, and accomodation in our wilderness camp to make it an ultimate experience. If you need help with meals during your  stay we can help you with that,  simply get in touch and we find the perfect solution together!

Group size

The half day rafting trips we can run with 38 people at a time, and we can do two runs a day if needed.  If you prefer one of the more exclusive Full day or Wilderness trips, then it’s depending on waterlevels. To make sure we can run  a safe trip our maximum number might be 24 or 16 people.



June - September
Half day - to full day(s)
Upon request