Rafting is the perfect activity to unite your friends and have a lot of fun! A river trip with us also makes a great birthday – or bachelorparty – we will make sure the main person will get all the action needed for a proper hurray. When you all sit together in one boat, you need to work as a team in order to navigate over breaking waves and around solid rocks. You get to test cliff jumping from 3 or 5 meters, and we gurantee you will get wet on the river!

You can choose any activity you want for you and your friends on any given day, or you can make two days out of it and do multiple activities!  For the ultimate experience we recommend to stay in our wilderness camp, and do 2-3 activites over two days – a perfect weekend get-away. For example, you can do half-day rafting and river SUP on the first day, with a warm lunch in between, enjoy a relaxed night in our wilderness camp with fire and barbeque and test our rappelling or full day rafting on day two.

Simply get in touch and we find the perfect solution together!

Group size

We can accomodate up to 38 people on our normal half day rafting, and need a minimum of 4 people to run an activity.



June - September
Half day activity to multiple days
We will give you a special price depending on activites and extra requirements