At RiverNorth we aim to give you and your family an amazing time together – on and off the water! It is great to combine your half day Family rafting with our river SUP or rappelling. We can also guide you on a canoe- and inflatable kayak trip down a quiet section of the river to really enjoy the outdoors, or we can river snorkeling with thick wet suits and snorkeling gear, looking for fish. This activity is depending on the water levels, and is normally the best in late July and August.

If you want a bit of a dry adventure we can bring you on a guided hike suited for your family, or organize some on-land fun activites. If you are looking at making a weekend out of it we can offer accomodation in our wilderness camp with lavvos where you can also cook basic meals in our outdoor kitchen. Simply get in touch to organize the perfect time for YOUR family.

Difficulty & Safety

The rivers we use have moving current and nice easy rapids, and are perfect for family river experiences. There will be a safety briefings before the start of all trips. Your guides are absolute professionals with vast experience on and off the river.

Other information

You will get all necessary gear for your activites, but must always bring a bikini/swimming trunks, woollen underwear and socks in case of cold weather, and if you plan on staying in our wilderness camp you need to bring your own thermarest and sleeping bag.


All season
As many days as you want
Upon request