Family rafting

Join this trip with your family for an unforgettable experience with your loved ones! FUN - SAFE - MEMORABLE


Money can’t buy happiness, but an experience can! Designed for kids from age 6, our family rafting trip runs, depending on water levels, on an easy section of river either on the Austervefsna or Svenningelva. Easy doesn’t mean less fun though. You still get wet, either from crashing waves or if you jump into the water to go for a swim in a flowing river!

Upon arrival at the base, you will be greeted by your trip leader. She or he will give you all necessary information before we get changed into the wetsuits. A 15 minute drive will then bring us to the starting point. We unload the rafts and give you a good safety briefing before we start paddling. We spend about 1 to 1.5 hours on the river. There are plenty of different rapids with fun waves. Some places are deep enough to go for a swim or even jump from the boat or a cliff beside the river! This is depending on water levels though and can’t be promised. Overall we travel through breathtaking scenery which in this sense can only be experienced from the river. A truly unique experience!

Difficulty & Safety

The rivers we raft have moving current and nice easy rapids. They are perfect for a family river experience. There will be a safety briefing and a paddle technique briefing before the start of the trip. Your guides are absolute professionals with vast experience on the river.


Such an experience will feel so much better once you can share the photos with your friends and family, or even on your social media accounts. Right? We then bring along an extra “photo kayaker” to capture the best moments of your life. If you are more than 8 people we can do a discount – please get in touch by e-mail or phone. How it works is that everybody in your group need to agree to book, and pay for photos. Nope, it is not possible that one or two people in your group pay their 120 kroners and share the photos with the rest. We do however give discounts to families, so that the children (under 14 years old) pay 75 kr. pr. prs.


Let the staff know if you have health problems such as, but not limited to, heart conditions, diabetes, back injuries or shoulder injuries.


Trip details

June - Septmeber. Find available dates on booking.
3 - 3.5h total. 1-1.5h river time
Age limit: 6 years
NOK 890
You can add "photos" on the booking page for NOK 120 extra per person.


  • All equipment inclusive wetsuits etc.
  • shuttle from the base to the river and back
  • coffee, tea and saft after the trip
  • wet hair ;-)

You have to bring

  • Bikini/bathing apparel.
  • Thermal underlayers if cold weather, or wollen underlayers.
  • Towel for changing – Note that there are no showers available at the base.
  • Do NOT wear anything cotton under the wetsuit – it gets very cold when wet. Wear wollen socks in the neoprene shoes.