Get immersed in the sacred water of the Futaleufu, and experience Patagonia from our amazing retreat deep in the Andes!


Our second home is based on what we believe is the greatest river on Earth, namely the Futaleufu in northern Patagonia. We have been living by this river for almost two decades, sometimes simply enjoying a holiday, and other times working as guides and instructors. Our neighbors are our friends, and they help us with running our trips - we believe in providing back to the local community as much as we can. They will cook, run shuttles, provide horse-back riding trips and make the asados - the famous Chilean barbeque.

You can run your own show and only chose to camp down by the river and enjoy the vicinity of our beach, encircled by big trees, or you can rent kayaks, hire shuttles and guides from us if you wish.

Not matter what, the Soria Moria base camp is an amazing place to experience the grandness of the Fu. Bienvenidos.

Shuttles | FUTALEUFU

If you are travelling without a car and want to stay with us, then we can help you out with shuttles for a reasonable shuttle fee.  Get in touch with us for more info and prices for shuttles to the different sections of the river.


For kayakers that want to camp in a safe spot with clean facilites and really easy access to the prime whitewater sections, this is the place to pitch your tent!

Cabin rental | FUTALEUFU

If you are looking for an off-the-grid, gorgeous place to stay, then this is your place!

Kayak rental | FUTALEUFU

Why fly a kayak over when you can rent it locally?