Set up your camp at RiverNorth! We accommodate for RV's, van's, tents or hammocks. Rafters and kayakers, hikers and sleepers. We welcome everyone to set up camp and enjoy our river front property. 

Go rafting = Free camping!

RiverNorth basecamp

Our simple and and tranquil base camp is situated next to the Austervefsna river, only a few hundred meters outside the town of Trofors. We provide spots to pitch a tent or park an RV. There is free access to the river, nice fire places, a trampoline for the kids, simple toilet and shower facilities, a reading lounge and a big dry area for hanging out and eating together. We are set up next to the Grane Bygdetun which is an open air museum and nice place for to go for a stroll.


  • Hot tub available
  • Lavvo camp with a tent for playing kids and a reading lounge for adults to relax
  • Big sheltered area to cook and eat meals together
  • Free firewood and various fireplaces
  • Trampoline
  • Slacklines
  • Access to the river
  • Simple toilet and shower facilities

Important. Please read…

  • book online to make it easier for everyone
  • show up any time and find a spot in the designated areas yourself.
  • only park or camp in designated areas.
  • The lawn in front of the big white rafting tent is strictly off limits and reserved for kids and adults to play games, jump on the trampoline and hang out!
  • Ida, our camp manager is available at most times if you have questions or need to pay your stay. You find her listening to heavy metal or classical music! somewhere around the rafting tent.

RV’s & vans:

  • There are designated spots for RV’s and vans that need electricity.
  • You can fill your water tank behind the big white rafting tent
  • We don’t have a human waist disposal facility. You can find one here:


  • Set up your tent near the the big tarp.
  • There are limited sockets for charging your camera or phone available in the small Lavvo.
  • Use the big sheltered tarp area!

Hot tub:

  • It costs Nok 650 to use the hottub. This is for firewood and cleaning.
  • Hot tub is meant to fire up by yourself!
  • Bear in mind it takes at least 4 hours to get it hot and needs continuous wood stacking
  • Please clean up your empty drinks and trash afterwards
  • Respect the neighbourhood and turn down the volume after 23 o’clock 😉





Season June - September
one night at the time ;-)


  • Children age -13: Free
  • Adult: age 14+: Nok 90 / person
  • Tent: Nok 40
  • RV: Nok 90