Pack rafting intro course

Learn the basics and spend an adventurous day in the outdoors!


Are you new to the sport and keen to learn more about pack-rafting? Then we recommend to book in for an adventurous learning-day on the river. It’s a good start to learn the basics about paddling and to learn about the dangers there are in the river. Sure enough, you will also have a lot of fun!

Upon meeting in the morning, we will get you familiar with the equipment before we head out for an adventurous and educating day! A short hike will get us to the river where we get ready to paddle a suitable stretch of river. This can vary greatly and is depending on water-levels as well participants. Your instructor will teach you the basics for paddling a pack-raft, but more importantly, teach you how to “read” the river. There are many natural dangers out there and our priority is to open your eyes for them. So that you can go out afterwards by yourself and have many years of safe adventures with your pack-raft.

One day is a good start, but we do know that it is hardly enough to set you up for your own adventures. Therefor we recommend to add at least one more training day.


  • Good adventures don’t come for free. You need a basic level of fitness and willingness to swim in a wild river under supervision of a professional guide.
  • Let the staff know if you have health problems such as, but not limited to, heart conditions, diabetes, back-  or shoulder injuries.
  • You can bring a GoPro or equivalent to capture the adventure. We do have some helmets with GoPro mounts. However, we do not take responsibility if you loose any of your personal equipment.

Impressions of a pack-rafting adventure

Trip details

June - September
6-7 hours
Nok 2800 per person for the first day. Following day Nok 2200. Minimum 2 people.
Upon request available


  • Pack-raft and all river equipment needed such as wetsuit and helmet.
  • Coffee and tea on the fire at lunch.
  • Shuttle from our outdoor centre to and from the river.

What to bring

  • Thermal underwear. (Merino or synthetic)
  • Woolen or synthetic socks
  • Lunch. A sandwich or sausage for the fire.
  • A warm hat (beanie) for during the breaks on a cold day.
  • A towel for changing. We don’t have private changing rooms at our base.
  • A sense for adventure and a will to learn something new. :-)