Advanced kayaking

If you are a skilled kayaker looking to improve your boofs, surfs, big water skills and such, then get in touch for an advanced course!


If you are already a kayaker but want to polish your paddling skills then this is the course for you! We will spend time picking on bad habits, sharpening your paddling strokes, and practise river efficiency. There will be video feed-back during the course. You can also request a technique course in playboating or creeking, instead of skills and drills. Most people chose a minimum of two days, but you can of course add on extra days.

Difficulty & Safety

The course will be held on class 2 and 3. To join the course you need to have adequate equipment, and personal safety equipment such as a throw bag and floation bags in your kayak. You need to be able to roll your kayak in current/whitewater. If you sign up for a playboating course you need to have a playboat (we have playboats for rent), and if you sign up for a creeking course you need to be in a creekboat. 

Other information

  • You can bring your own kayak and gear, or you can rent from us.
  • Bring a good lunch for each day!
  • Let the staff know as soon as possible if you have health problems such as, but not limited to, heart conditions, diabetes, back injuries or shoulder injuries.


Trip details

June - October
5 hours a day
NOK 1650 pr. day
Upon request