Visitors information

Fishing regulations:

The Vefsna river is divided into different zones, and separate licenses are required for each stretch of river. These fishing licenses are sold online at When you buy your liscense on, you also get the access code to the disinfection station in Trofors.

Disinfection of fishing gear is available free of charge at VeFis disinfection stations in Mosjøen and Trofors. Absolutely all fishing gear, including nets, waders, rain boots and boats that have been used in other rivers this season, must be disinfected before being used in the Austervefsna and Vefsna river. Any violation of this disinfection requirement is punishable by expulsion from the river and heavy fines.

Please note that all fishermen must also have a valid national fishing license for salmon, sea trout and sea trout. Fishermen must present receipt on request to the wildlife authorities patrolling the river.

For more information about fishing in the region go to this page:

Disinfection stations for fishermen along E6, for kayakers at RiverNorth base.

Kayakers using the rivers in the region:

The salmon parasite gyrodactulus salaris has been a major problem for rivers in Nordland in the past decades. The parasite spreads between watersheds if one kayaks in an infected river, and takes the gear and kayak still wet to the next watershed. It is difficult to know where the parasite is, so you should disinfect your kayak and gear every time you move in between watersheds in Norway. Entirely drying out your gear and kayak also kills the parasite. These precautions is the only way to know 100 % that you are not spreading the gyro. The following kayaking rivers close to our region are currently known to be affected, and require disinfection after kayaking: Rana, Driva, Fusta.

You can buy the disinfection powder yourself in any Felleskjøpet store (Farmer store) in Norway. The disinfectant is called Virkon S, and needs to be diluted with water. You can also go to disinfection stations and in some places pay to have it done, or like in Trofors, we will disinfect your gear and kayaks for free at our RiverNorth Rafting base. Please note that you should give us a heads up if you plan on just passing by, so that we can make sure the disinfection station is open for you. Call + 47 466 22 098 or send and e-mail to Unfortunately there is no complete list showing disinfection stations in Norway, so we highly recommend that if on a road trip, frequently passing from watershed to watershed, you should buy Virkon S and disinfect on your own.

For more information on the gyrodactulus salaris please visit this page:

Be responsible – educate yourself – disinfect!

The Outdoor Recreation Act:

This great law makes it possible for us to travel around, camp and experience outdoor life practically all over Norway. However, even if this law gives us a lot of rights, it also comes with duties. The landowners also have their rights and we must do our best to follow the guidelines. These are the most important ones, please read and follow them and enjoy Norway´s nature and rivers:

  • Do not park in private drive ins or other places where the car can cause problems for farmers and other users of the land.
  • Do not take short cuts across fenced land, farmyards or other private property.
  • Respect the interests of people who live and work in the countryside.
  • Pay the required fee for private roads and parkings.
  • Avoid disease to our salmon, dry or disinfect your boat and equipment before moving to a different river or lake.
  • Do not put up your tent less than 150m from occupied houses or huts.
  • Do not stay more than 2 nights at the same campspot.
  • Do not leave any garbage or toilet paper.
  • You may light a fire in the open country, but not in or near woodland from 15th April to 15th September.
  • Always contact the police if you lose your boat or take part in a rescue of your friends.
  • Consider contacting a local too. This way you avoid rescue operations being started without any reason.
Enjoy nature responsibly