Kayaks and gear

Are you planning a trip to the north, but are lacking a kayak? Contact us about our rentals as we have a wide range of boats available, from creekboats to riverrunners and playboats. If you are looking to rent for a longer period we will agree on a custom price for your stay. For more info about rental conditions, please get in touch.


For a full gear-set for kayaking we charge 490 kr. pr day, and we also will give you a discount if it is for longer periods.


Our fleet:

  • Waka Stout
  • Spade Royal Flush
  • Lettmann Granate L
  • Lettmann Rocky L
  • Lettmann Manta L
  • Wavesport Diesel 65
  • Lettmann PlanB M
  • LettmannPlanB L
  • Pyranha 9R
  • Zet Five
  • Jackson Star S/M
  • Jackson Nirvana



June - October
As many days as you want
249 kr/day