Kayaks and gear

Are you planning a trip to the north, but are lacking a kayak? We have a wide range of boats available, from creekboats to riverrunners and playboats. We accept normal wear on the kayaks, but if the kayak is lost, broken or severly scratched it must be compensated.

Our fleet:

  • Waka Stout
  • Spade Royal Flush
  • Lettmann Granate L
  • Lettmann Rocky L
  • Lettmann Manta L
  • Wavesport Diesel 65
  • Lettmann PlanB M
  • LettmannPlanB L
  • Pyranha 9R
  • Zet Five
  • Jackson Star S/M
  • Jackson Nirvana



June - October
As many days as you want
450 kr/day