The fishing on the Vefsna and its side rivers has a long history and culture. It is the main watercourse running through the inland municipalities of Hattfjelldal, Grane and Vefsn. The river, which has its headwaters in the Børgefjell mountains and the mountains near the Swedish border, runs 160 km northwest before flowing into the Vefsnfjord at Mosjøen. We offer fishing trips on Austervefsna, which is partly under liscense from Statskog, and can get purchased on For a 24-hours liscense it costs 250 kroner. For more info click here: Fisching liscense in Austervefsna


We have a specialised fishing cataraft which enables your guide to row you from fishing spot to fishing spot down the river – while you comfortably focus on catching the fish. In this way we are extremely flexible, and you can get to exactly the fishing spots you want to, without any effort.


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Fishing from our specialized cataraft with your own guide


Vald 18 – one of two sections



Vald 17 – one of two sections